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Information for developers

nmaFPS is completely coded in C++ hence using many OOP priniciples. The whole game is segregated into 14 classes. They are listed below with their purposes.

Class name What it does.
Game The game manager - it initialises the game and manages player and other objects' status in the game.
Player Manages the player status.
Terrain Loads the chosen terrain file and supplies the vertices for the polygons describing the terrain.
Event Event handler - Polls for events and returns keyboard events of interest.
Config Reads the configuration file and stores options and values in a map and supplies them as required.
Scorer Handles the scoreboard in the game.
Viewer The class that manages all the rendering. For an OpenGL implementation it intialises display lists and draws objects on the scene using those.
DynamicObject The super-class of all objects flying about in the scene. Includes missiles, drones etc.
Enemy Super-class of all your enemies.
Drone The enemy drones - waiting to be blown to pieces by you.
Weapon Super-class of your weapons.
Missile The missiles that you fire.
Explosion Every object ends its life in a big ka-booom.
Audio Handles audio in the game.